We offer a Computer Maintenance Plan which keeps your computer(s) running smoothly and helps prevent computer problems before they happen, giving you peace of mind. If a computer receives proper and regular maintenance, it can add years to its lifetime. For some of our other clients that we have maintenance plans with, we offer the following services on their computers:

  • Install Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office security patches and stability updates
  • Provide Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Anti-adware program updates
  • Scan for any viruses, adware or spyware and remove them if found
  • Delete any temporary files, cookies, cache, recycle bin files that the computer accumulates
  • Set up and maintain cloud backup service to back up requested files on a routine basis
  • Provide 1 free hour of on-site support per month
  • Provide free over-the-phone support
  • Remove unnecessary programs¬†
  • Prevent unnecessary programs from automatically starting when the computer boots
  • We understand that your time is valuable. We will work around your schedule when performing these services and much of our work can be done remotely or after hours.
  • Remote: We also have the ability of remotely connecting to your computer to resolve problems that would not need to be done on site.

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