Hampton Roads Computer Gurus covers a plethora of IT services that can range from virus removal to advance networking and maintenance.  Our technicians are not just employees; they have a passion for information technology. We provide complete support no matter how big or how small your technical need is.  We also offer maintenance contracts, so that home and business clients can pay a monthly or yearly subscription to keep their devices and software running smoothly and up-to-date.

Our computer repair and IT services include, but are not limited to:

Remote Services and Support

Using high-speed internet as a network link, our technicians can connect to our clients anywhere in the world. We are able to run diagnostics, perform system maintenance, and provide troubleshooting and assistance for common software issues.

Virus, Spyware, and Threat Removal

Hampton Roads Computer Gurus run extensive virus, spyware and threat detection and removal tools to better protect your system. These tools are included free of charge and are left installed on the machine to allow you to run scans in the future.

Software Technical Support

If you need assistance with installing Office 365, your Microsoft Word program will just not function properly, or have any other software issues, our trained technicians are available to solve your software problems.

Operating System Upgrades

Upgrading an operating system is not always as easy as it seems. You present the risk of losing your data completely, installing a second operating system alongside your original one, or upgrading to an operating system that is not compatible with your current software and hardware. We will take care of the hassle with operating system upgrades and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Operating System Restoration

Performing a system restoration to return the computer to its original condition may be necessary if the operating system files are damaged, the hard drive is corrupted, or the computer is infected by a virus. A system recovery includes removing all software and files saved to the hard drive, reinstalling the original operating system, and then configuring the settings for the default programs.

Network Setup, Maintenance, and Repair

Our networking certified experts will determine the best network configuration for your home or business and will recommend the necessary equipment to satisfy your needs. We can run routine maintenance, troubleshoot, and upgrade existing networking equipment. We also specialize in wireless networking and network security.

Hardware Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Need more memory, more hard drive space, or a faster processor? Hampton Roads Computer Gurus installs, repairs, and replaces hard drives, memory, motherboards, power supplies, and other computer hardware and peripherals.

Laptop LCD Screen and Powerport Replacement

Hampton Roads Computer Gurus partners with wholesalers to ensure the best factory-quality replacement LCD screen for your laptop computer. We also replace power ports that have become loose or disconnected over time, preventing the laptop from charging properly.

Data Transfer, Backup, and Recovery

HRCG can transfer your documents, pictures, videos, and other important files from one hard drive to another one. We also specialize in data recovery services that allow us a chance to salvage data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible hard drives.

Memory Upgrades

Random Access Memory (RAM) controls the performance of your programs. As new programs are installed and old programs are updated, more RAM is required. If more RAM is not added, your overall performance of your computer will be slower. Our trained technicians can upgrade your memory with ease.

PC Tune-up & Optimization Service

Computer not running as fast as it did when you first purchased it? Internet seems slow all of a sudden? Hampton Roads Computer Gurus can run a comprehensive tune-up to clean out all temporary files, optimize your hard drive, and remove unnecessary programs. We will also set up a maintenance schedule to help with these problems in the future.

New Computer Setup

The first steps that you take after purchasing a new computer are very important. If your backup software or virus scanner is not configured properly, you run the risk of losing your important data in the future. We configure all of your software to get you started the right way.